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  • How To: Cue your vinyl records on a turntable How To: Scratch in FL Studio with a trigger finger slid How To: Master basic scratch techniques for beginning DJs How To: Perform basic DJ scratches How To: Do basic scratches while you DJ How To: Transform scratch How To: Do the boomerang scratch with fading pattern.
  • Feb 11,  · This gadget lets you scratch and DJ on vinyl without a needle. New French company MWM has announced a new product called Phase that sits on your turntable and allows you to DJ .
  • A DJ that scratches records and performs tricks that involve scratching is called a turntablist or scratch DJ. The good ones perform the art of turntablism. Scratching a record involves moving the vinyl record back and forth with one hand while moving the crossfader (on the mixer) back and forth with the other.
  • Made popular in the ’s, Scratch Records are vinyl that have various tones, beats and samples recorded on them for turntablists to scratch and perform tricks with. Thud Rumble is one of the worlds most popular brands, produced by Qbert, who is one of the pioneers of modern scratch and turntablism techniques. Store DJ has a range of Thud Rumble and Scratch Records on offer with specials.
  • Getting Up To Scratch. Just in case you missed it when I pointed this out earlier – before you start learning to scratch, you need to have good direct drive DJ decks and (ideally) some super slippy hip-hop slipmats.. The only reason I say hip-hop slipmats is because these are specifically designed for hip-hop DJs, who tend to scratch pretty much all the time.
  • Sep 20,  · Dj deetalx(sp?) of the oddjobs is so good to,, his body tricks were tight as hell. Kid koala is inovation in a nutshell and woody is to, but in a different way. I would say the more well known dj's to but you can see the top posts for that stuff. oh ya check out dopey that kid can rip it up canadian style.
  • 6 Used from $ 6 New from $ 1 Collectible from $ The DJ revolution has taken the music industry by storm! Popular DJs have perfected and honed their "turntablist" skills to high degrees of technical skill and virtuosity.1/5(1).
  • Turntables Vinyl. Various Accessories. Video Jockey. SHEET MUSIC BY GENRES. INSTRUCTIONAL: METHODS By Ben James With Dj 31hz And Dj Kns. Textbook - Technology. Ultimate Beginner Series. Book. 48 pages. Published by Alfred Publishing. The Turntable DJ-The DJ Revolution has taken the music industry by storm. Popular DJ's have perfected.

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