8 thoughts on “ Keep It Da Same - Da-Omen - Broken Ice (CD, Album)

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  • * Da Buze Bruvaz - Da Uninvited Guest EP (Chopped Herring ) * Deep Concentration Camp - The Aggravated Vaults ' EP (Chopped Herring ) * Divine Beings - Whatever Tracks ' EP (Dope Folks ) * Endangered Species - Heightz Of Elevation ' EP (Chopped Herring ).
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  • Da B. Jammin Klik - Cd Compilation [ Nero B Jammin Rec.] Da Bricklayaz - Still Everyday Living Vol.2 [ Blu Colla Mentality Ent] Da Circle - As The World Turns [ Top Of Da South] Da Click - Am I My Brothers Keeper [ Rude Boy Ent.] Da Council - Hold What Cha Got [ Lynktyte Rec.] Da Dynasty - A Game [ King´s Ent.].
  • Da Headbussaz - Dat's How It Happened To'm (Promo) Da Jackstrawz - Shag-Dog Story Da Kippa - Sampler Da Kippa - 5 Track Promo Da Kippa - Underneath The Underground Da Lench Mob - Guerillas In Tha Mist Da Lench Mob - Guerillas In The Mist Da Lost Soulz - Hallo-Phobia EP Da Omen - Da Return Da Ruckus - Episode 1.
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